Your Dating Mentor

Maryanne Comaroto, PhD(c), CCHT

Need a dating mentor? Maryanne offers you creative and soulful strategies for dating, mating, and relating!

“I make virtual house calls, have a proven track record of helping people move from the old to the modern (online) dating paradigm, with hand-held support through every phase so they don’t feel alone. In most cases people just feel better about themselves and grow in ways they had not anticipated while getting ready to meet someone new.”

Testimonials :

“Thank you Maryanne for your vision, wisdom and support. Your guidance has been invaluable during this process of finding my beloved! I truly would not have gotten back out there had it not been for you. You helped me out of the dating trenches and opened up a world I didn’t believe was possible.”
~ Judy D. Image Consultant
“I finally met someone that really gets me. Someone who also shares the same quirky fascinations and important values . My face actually hurts because I am silly happy and smiling all the time. Thanks Maryanne, I seriously thought online dating was going to be awful.”
~ Brian C. Academic Administrator
“When I heard about Maryanne I thought I wanted to find a man, e.g., someone to make me happy, feel safe and better about myself. The only caveat was I refused to do online dating. A year later, thanks to Maryanne, I learned not only that I can make myself happy, but I feel confident about who I am for the first time in years.  I am giving online dating a chance. It’s been a wild and wonderful ride so far. I keep learning so much about what I really want; the experience thus far is invaluable. More importantly, I am out there and loving it! Look out, world :)”
~ Helen Z, Retired Educator
“Maryanne’s ruthlessly loving approach helped me get clear on what I wanted in a relationship and step into my own accountability. Her ability and willingness to really see me allowed me to not feel like I was going to be abandoned, in the place where I sometimes abandoned myself. Above all, I was invited to see partnership in a new way, taking the pressure off of finding someone and putting the emphasis on giving myself what I needed. Her work changed everything for me. Not long after I “married myself” I met my beloved partner Jeffrey. We have been together almost 8 years now. Maryanne officiated our commitment ceremony 🙂 If you want real partnership, I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of Maryanne’s wisdom and support along the way!”
~ Goldie C, Retired Special Needs Educator

Maryanne Comaroto has the innate ability to tune into the heart of every Soul she meets. Her profound inner wisdom and intuition have played a tremendous role in the course of my life and my marriage of 22 years. Not only has Maryanne’s work greatly improved the lives of my family and me, but her “Self Inquiry Divination Deck” has been the gift that keeps on giving! In girlfriend gatherings and at dinner parties, Maryanne’s cards have elevated the conversation to a deep and heartfelt level of open communication and sharing. This powerful deck is a game-changer and the Unity that is created through the brilliant questions that accompany each card, be it two of us or ten of us, is miraculous indeed! Maryanne is a true light-worker and a gift to the world and I am extremely blessed to know her.

~ Alana L, jewelry designer, San Francisco



Dating series: 

These special sessions are narrowly focusing relationship resource building, including relationship w/self but ultimately looking at dating.

Single sessions $265   Click HERE
Series of 3 $225 each   Click HERE
Series of 5 $195 each    Click HERE


Dating intro: $2500.00
Includes 3 personalized sessions, online dating setup, 30-day dating strategy, and personal and online support and guidance for first 2 dates. Get this HERE

Dating and Beyond: $3500.00
Includes 3-4 in-depth personalized sessions identifying your heart’s desires, your blind spots & patterns, counseling support and  strategy for attracting a healthy, fulfilling partnership. Includes online dating setup for 1-2 dating sites, profile support, and  3-month dating tips and strategy, plus online support for up to 3 dates. (max admin 5 hours) Get this HERE

All In dating and mating: $5700.00
3-5 in-depth personalized sessions to lay the foundation for the coming year, divination inquiry to help you get ready for the next 12 months, online setup and admin (max 15 hours), and 12 monthly support calls, including 6-12 dating strategy and support calls for up to 5 dates. Get this HERE

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