Wendy Aronsson: Refeathering the Empty Nest

Wendy Aronsson: Refeathering the Empty Nest
June 8, 2014 Maryanne

Free-range parent, looking around at your clean, neat, empty house and wondering, “What now?”

Wendy Aronsson focuses on “The Shift,” a phase that represents a profound change from the daily rigors of constant parenting to a period of self-reflection and reorientation. She uses real-life stories to show how people have managed these changes, how they’ve reignited the passion in their marriages – or in some cases moved on from bad relationships – and rediscovered old talents and interests. Tune in for hope and guidance, whether your nest is about to be empty, or your baby birds have already taken flight. Here they are on video:

      Wendy Aronsson Empty Nest



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