Traci Slatton & Sabin Howard, the Art of Life

Traci Slatton & Sabin Howard, the Art of Life
February 19, 2015 Maryanne

A rare excerpt from “The Power of We,” Maryanne’s show with her husband David Raynal, interviewing husband-and-wife team Traci Slatton and Sabin Howard on their collaboration The Art of Life, that reads like a novel and looks sumptuous. Writer and healer Traci surveys figurative sculpture from the earliest times to the present and details the work of contemporary master Sabin Howard. Sabin creates sculptures of the human figure that embody heroism and strength and inspire us to be our own best selves. His life-size or larger bronzes express human feelings–anger, eros, being armored, being open, courage–and our bodies “get” the feelings in a way that is beyond language. Check out the rotating slideshow on his website. We dare you to keep from smiling and feeling larger and happier when you look at his man and woman with their arms outstretched! Join for a candid talk on how two artists manage marriage and how to give our passionate best to each other, be true to ourselves, and give our gifts to humanity.

      Traci Slatton Sabin Howard Art of Life

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