Maryanne’s events, private sessions, and workshops:

“Maryanne’s amazing ability to create a healing space in the workshop allowed me to re–introduce myself to My Self after 26 years of caring for everybody else.” — M. Phillips, Ph.D.

“Your first workshop was just the impetus I needed to make a leap of faith. I had done a lot since my husband left, getting my survival worked out and then starting on my spiritual self. And some on my physical; had lost 40 pounds without trying and felt so much better. But your workshop made me realize just how much more I was. And this last one was a push off the cliff into flying free and easy. I feel like a flower that has been in a dormant state for years—now I’m basking in the sunlight of my friends, realizing how juicy I really am, open and blooming. When Judy the fashion advisor came by and helped me, I saw just how attractive I could be—that I had hidden in my overweight and sad clothes so not to be noticed and hurt more. Maryanne opened my eyes and FEELINGS for my beauty!” — Brook, Bookkeeper

In Maryanne’s presence, one is immediately grounded in an intimate, loving, generous and piercingly truthful field. She cracks the code, and she will help you do the same. The questions she offers are real, nitty-gritty ones that we all think of but rarely say aloud; their answers will make all the difference in your romantic choices. In Hindsight you will discover a subtle interplay of frankness and elegance that reveals the questions you need to answer and the answers you need to question. — Gabrielle Roth, founder of 5Rhythms movement workshops, author of Maps to Ecstasy: Teachings of an Urban Shaman

“I’ve concluded that all of this clearing is necessary for my divine partner to see me. I want to be free of baggage and obstacles when he arrives. I feel that the universe has assisted with this dismantling, albeit all at once, so that I can look at myself with all my shortcomings and truly honor and love all parts of my being. It was just a bit overwhelming. I think the best thing for me to do, is to work through and process what’s up as it arrives. Everything happens for a reason. I’m grateful to be a part of your workshop. When you asked the group why we were there, I said, “It’s time.” It is! Be careful what you ask for! I’m just going with the flow now and know that life is a journey, not a destination.” — Belinda, Organizer

“Maryanne is devoted to your transformation and her divine guidance comes from the heart. She is committed to your journey and creates a safe, non–judgmental environment to explore your own truth.” — Holly, Interior Designer

“Maryanne Comaroto is a gift. Her work is compelling and quickly brought me to a deep place inside myself where powerful and intense feelings resided… Before, I was feeling blocked! As a result I feel much more present in my life and real. I feel my integrity back as well as my childlike innocence and joy of life. I am lucky to know there is a place I can go and a method I can employ to heal and renew myself in a short period of time. I highly recommend this work.” — E. Macisco, MBA

“Trapped inside a mental prison, disconnected from honest emotion and not feeling myself for so many years, I found my way to Maryanne Comaroto with caring and patient guidance, Maryanne has given me a key to unlock the gate that shielded me from making deep connections and kept me from knowing my truth. The work of ’un–becoming’ has been truly miraculous.” — L. Bordoni, Mother

“After my first meeting with Maryanne and completing Step 1, I noticed a shift in the way I see my world. I set an intention to create $10,000 in my business in the next week. Not only did I achieve that goal, but I also received 4 offers for speaking engagements, 3 new joint venture partners and 2 endorsements from industry leaders in my field. I can’t wait to see how applying the other steps will change my life. Thank you, Maryanne! “ — K. O’Neil, Small Business Strategist, Author and Speaker

“I’m grateful for the SHOMI method to help me connect and listen to my body. It’s long overdue!” — Kristy

“I found the class on emotional and physical self defense extremely worthwhile. It brought awareness to the way I walk in my surroundings, and a new feeling of empowerment, having new tools to use if I were in a situation needing self-defense. The instruction was informative, easy to understand and powerfully demonstrated. It was so useful to have first-hand experience practicing moves and gaining muscle memory. This class is a must for young or old, men or women. Thank you for all of your generosity of time and energy.” — Linda Krolick

“Today is my birthday, and my daughter Maya and I are hanging out and going to Good Vibrations (she is 20). Your free Emotional and Physical Self-Defense class has spurred more conversations between us than I ever could have thought possible.” THANK YOU!! — Beth, businesswoman

Radio guests say:

I literally am doing months of back-to-back radio shows, and have done them for many years for each of my books. Yours was by far the most insightful, caring and significant. Thank you for coming into my life and supporting the world in becoming worthy of all our children. — Dawna Markova, author of Random Acts of Kindness

Maryanne Comaroto is in the top one percent of the more than 1,000 people by whom I have been interviewed. Why? First, she actually reads the book; then she asks thoughtful questions in a tone of voice that reflects both respect and personal caring. When I respond, she teases out the most important things I say, sees their relevance to other issues, and facilitates my making the connection. By the time Maryanne is finished with me, even I appreciate myself more than I did at the beginning of the interview—so I know that the listener “gets” my message too. In brief, Maryanne embodies the art of a great interviewer: drawing out thoughts from inside of me that I didn’t even know I was thinking. — Warren Farrell, Ph.D.author, Why Men Are the Way They Are and Women Can’t Hear What Men Don’t Say, many more

A pleasure to be on your innovative, thoughtful show Maryanne Live! And to share our enthusiasm for what we know is reality! Many blessings — Sheryl Glick, author of The Living Spirit: Answers for Healing and Infinite Love

Please pass on a very big thank you to Maryanne for a wonderful interview and her insightful and care-full questions. — Mick Quinn, NY Times bestselling author, The Uncommon Path of Awakening Authentic Joy

Our interview was great fun.  You are a gifted interviewer.  No wonder your audience loves you. Your show is a huge service to folks.  And that “drop your drawers” tag line in your book title may be the best ever. — Larry Dossey, author of The Power of Premonitions, Recovering the Soul, many more

It was a pleasure to answer each and every one of your perfectly pitched questions! Thank you for such a well thought out interview. — Sabin Howard, sculptor, teacher

I have been a guest on hundreds of radio shows over the years and Maryanne Live definitely ranks in the top tier of my very best broadcast experiences. She is a charming and gracious host, a sharp and insightful interviewer and a most enthusiastic and fun conversationalist. Our time was up entirely too soon. — Donna Henes, author, The Queen of My Self

This is one of the most hilarious interviews I have EVER done. Can’t wait to see the ratings! Looking forward to creating more FUN, awareness and love in the world! — Alissa Kriteman, host, Just for Women Show on Personal Life Media

You are a spiritual rock star! You bring out my fabulousness! — Sondra Wright, Author of 40+ and Fabulous!

Maryanne is phenomenal; one of the best interviews I’ve had and I’ve been interviewed by the best… even Oprah! — Dr. Diana Kirschner, author, love expert

Please let Maryanne know I LOVED being on her show. She is so connected! With Spirit, with her audience, with her interviewee. WOW. — Janet Conner, author, Writing Down Your Soul: How to Activate and Listen to the Extraordinary Voice Within

Thank you again for deep and insightful questions. I appreciated the level of your interview. Also, valued that you are focused on others. So cool. — Sandra Marinella, author, The Story You Need to Tell: Writing to Heal from Trauma, Illness, or Loss

Maryanne as a guest:

You were WONDERFUL tonight on the show. You must come back. Thank you again for your workshop yesterday and for tonight. I really learned a lot. Let’s do it again soon!!” And they did it again: Feels like we only scratched the surface about your Certificate of Responsible Relationship…there’s so  much to talk about!! I was so happy w/ the response from callers. You could tell they really responded to you, which was great!! — Emily Morse, host of Sex with Emily radio show

You are the best guest I have ever had on the show! I feel like I have to go back and listen and write a lot of what you said down so I can think about it! — Lucia Demasi, host of The Art of Love on  www.latalkradio.com

I really enjoyed you on The Relationship Playbook tonight. Thank you for being our guest! — Mel, host of The Relationship Playbook on blogtalk radio

About Hindsight: What You Need to Know Before You Drop Your Drawers:

Maryanne’s book offers us a wise hand to drag us out of the woods where we are lost trying to get the love we most need to give ourselves. She offers us practices that we can use daily so we can learn to BE the love that is who we really are. — Dawna Markova, author, Random Acts of Kindness, Spot of Grace

It was a GREAT book. I just finished reading Hindsight and was so excited about it that I had to put up a post on my site www.hopespringsinternal.com immediately. Tell Maryanne how much her book has helped me… and I’m sure it will help a lot of my readers as well. I was just talking all about it with my therapist and now she’s going to read it too. — Dani, blogger

My 6-year-old wanted to know whose rear end was on the cover of the book I was reading and why? I turned slightly red thinking about what I should say…the hint of shame was palpable. What is it about naked bodies that makes me feel so…embarrassed I guess is the word? And for God’s sake if I can’t talk about it without feeling embarrassed or shame, how on earth I am going to talk openly with my girls when the time comes…suddenly realizing—the time had come.

Let me say this: The stories made my heart ache, disturbed me, and honestly made me realize that at one time or another I could relate to almost all the women, which left me with a feeling of liberation and hope. I have been married for years, yet I too get stuck in the traps that Maryanne talks about so candidly and openly. And even so I found a refreshing strength in her guidance and a real everyday practicality in her approach to intimacy, self-inquiry and love.

Would I have my girls read this book? You bet. At minimum it might help as birth control; beyond that, it has real sound advice coming from someone who clearly cares and has taken care to help anyone stuck in self-defeating patterns of behavior!  —  Sandra, mother of 3 daughters/Real Estate Agent

About Great Relationships Begin Within Self-Inquiry Divination Deck:

“This is a wonderfully rich and subtle pack of cards that can truly illumine your path into sacred relationship with yourself and so with others.” — Andrew Harvey, author of The Hope a Guide to Sacred Activism


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