Sandra Easter, Jung and the Ancestors

Sandra Easter, Jung and the Ancestors
August 31, 2016 Maryanne Comaroto
Maryanne Comaroto interviews Sandra Easter on Jung and the Ancestors

Where do we all come from? Do you know who your ancestors were…and how they may be influencing you today? Jung teacher Sandra Easter introduces us to a powerful mode of psychological inquiry that engages them as living presences shaping who we are and the lives we live. Beyond our personal biography, we can find evidence of them in dreams, visions, and symptoms of illness, and in nature and the land on which we live. Sandra shares real-life examples of women who, by establishing dialogues with the ancestors, have been able to work through personal and generational trauma and wounds, healing themselves and those in their ancestral lines.

Her work can change the way you understand yourself and your relationship to those in your past and your future.

      Sandra Easter Jung and Ancestors


You can find her on Facebook, Sandra Easter PhD.

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