Pouline Middleton, One Woman, Three Men: Conscious dating

Pouline Middleton, One Woman, Three Men: Conscious dating
August 18, 2016 Maryanne Comaroto
Maryanne Comaroot inteviews Pouline Middleton on Conscious Dating

Who says you have to find “the one”? How about three men; one to talk about the meaning of life with, one to be intimate with, and one to be an handyman? Divorced single mother Pouline made up her mind to date three different men, one for each area that was important to her. She began a very transparent conscious dating search online. Every man she connected with knew her plan and needed to state which area he wished to be considered for. The interactions were fun, funny and profound. Since creating Modern Love, Pouline has coached hundreds of people to get in touch with their three most important areas, whatever they may be. Her process also works for men seeking women and same-sex couples. It’s fun, but under the humor is a serious look at bringing our highest consciousness to modern love and sex. Laugh and learn!

      Pouline Middleton Conscious Dating



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