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Andrew Faas, The Bully’s Trap: Bullying in the Workplace

Andrew Faas, The Bully’s Trap: Bullying in the Workplace
March 11, 2016 Maryanne Comaroto
Maryanne Comaroto interviews Andrew Faas on bullying

Have you been bullied…or are you a bully without knowing it? After being called out as a bully early in his professional career, Andrew realized that respect is a better motivator than intimidation. This moment sparked a lifelong passion for creating workplaces structured to ensure psychological safety and freedom from bullying. He spent over 25 years at the executive level of some of Canada’s largest corporations, and experienced workplace bullying firsthand after exposing corruption by a peer and being retaliated against. His dual perspectives, as a victim and a manager, give him a unique point of view. He assures you that you have a role to play in restructuring organizations to create supportive cultures. It’s possible!

      Andrew Faas The Bully's Trap


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