Lorna Byrne: Glimpses of heaven near death

Lorna Byrne: Glimpses of heaven near death
April 6, 2014 Maryanne

Lorna has seen and talked to angels since she was a baby and sees them every day, physically, just as she would see a person. She kept quiet about what she was seeing and hearing until three years ago; now she’s an international bestselling author, with Angels in my Hair, Stairways to Heaven, and A Message of Hope from the Angels.

This interview focuses on her two graphic near-death experiences. “I know that I and others have been given near-death experiences so as we can share them and make people understand that death is not to be feared and that Heaven is real.”  According to Lorna, “These days I see a lot of angels holding lights in front of people, helping to encourage them. I see angels helping to kindle hope in us all the time – at an individual, a community, a national and a global level. These are difficult and challenging times but I see so much to be hopeful about.” She also shares how we can get guidance from our own personal angels.

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