Matthew Fox, A Way to God

Matthew Fox, A Way to God
July 21, 2016 Maryanne Comaroto
Maryanne Comaroto interviews Matthew Fox on the way to God with Thomas Merton

Are you full of awe, delight, amazement (Via Positiva)? Or silence, darkness, and suffering (Via Negativa)? Birthing, creativity, passion (Via Creativa) or justice, compassion, healing, celebration, and service (Via Transformativa)? These are the four paths of Creation Spirituality we travel on the way to God. Matthew Fox, theologian and bestselling author, says every one of us is a mystic, an artist, and a prophet! He’ll talk about Trappist monk and social justice activist Thomas Merton’s ways of mixing contemplation and action, and how you can find a reliable connection with the underground river of Divine wisdom.

      Matthew Fox Way to God

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