Jason Selk, How to develop mental toughness

Jason Selk, How to develop mental toughness
December 2, 2014 Maryanne
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How can you cope with your overwhelming life? Jason has developed his program of Executive Toughness, a step-by-step plan that will guarantee to develop mental toughness and produce results in business and in life. Here is the best news of all: this is something anyone can learn by doing his 100-Second Mental Workout every day. Make it part of your mental “DNA,” and there will be no turning back—ever. Here he coaches a listener who has a problem we can all relate to: How can we prioritize where to put our energy? He gives her, and us, small but profound changes that will improve our own capacity for greatness!

He has a great 4-minute instructional video about the 100-Second Mental Workout; go to www.jasonselk.com and click on the Executive Toughness book jacket to access this freebie.

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