Adrienne Golday & Shayne: Regretland, a Journey to Riches

Adrienne Golday & Shayne: Regretland, a Journey to Riches
February 6, 2015 Maryanne

Two powerful, intuitive women today. Adrienne Golday & her daughter Shayne, are both rated Top Healers/Mediums/Intuitive Business Advisors…providing insight in all areas: love, health, money & biz! Adrienne is up first, author of Regretland, a Journey to Riches.  You might know what it feels like to live in Regretland…dragging, joyless, stuck…and how good it feels to move out! She knows the territory, and wrote the book to mirror everyone’s life, as it helps us to heal old emotional wounds and release yesterday’s baggage. She’ll move us into taking new actions to re-create happiness and discover the sacredness of life. Join us for a journey into a timeless universe! Then Maryanne talks with Shayne, who has appeared as a medium for celebrities and is the designer of Praying Ladies, lovely gemstone figurines meaning “All people, all religions, all one! Through prayer, healing occurs, and the impossible becomes I’M POSSIBLE!” Watching her mother help police find missing children, Shayne was inspired to create the Praying Lady Club to share the power of prayer with everyone, unifying all religions.

      Adrienne Shayne Golday Regretland

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