Catherine Austin Fitts, Our relationship with capitalism

Catherine Austin Fitts, Our relationship with capitalism
January 18, 2017 Maryanne Comaroto
Maryanne Comaroto interviews Catherine Austin Fitts on our relationship with capitalism

You work hard, get paid fairly (you hope), save money…and then what do you do with it? Save, spend, invest? If you invest, how can you do that ethically? We all spend a great deal of time focused on how to handle money intelligently, caught in the system of capitalism. Catherine Austin Fitts has years of experience thinking outside the traditional ways. She says, “We are in a period of change, learning to live with rising levels of uncertainty. It helps to get out of trying to predict the future and into creating our future. One of the tools that I use to create the future with confidence and for investment strategy is scenario thinking.” Learn from this gal who has handled billions of dollars in both government and private investments.  She’ll bring us back to what is productive – a strong mind, a healthy body, nutritious food, good habits, a rich culture, focused investment of our time and resources, and the love of family, friends and community.

      Catherine Austin Fitts Relationship Capitalism

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