Carmen Harris, Sh*t Happens, Magic Follows

Carmen Harris, Sh*t Happens, Magic Follows
September 29, 2016 Maryanne Comaroto
Maryanne Comaroto interviews Carmen Harris on Sh*t happens, Magic Follows.

Think magic belongs only on the stage or in the imagination of young children? Carmen’s book will teach you to reconsider and experience it again! 30 years a creative TV scriptwriter, she stumbled into becoming a healer when unexpectedly the awakened energy in the palms of her hands roused a terminally-ill cancer patient from an unresponsive state. The extraordinary events in her life can only be called magical, and she says this is available to all of us. Find out about the sixteen magical elements of the universe that can positively transform our perception of the outer world and bring peace and harmony to our inner existence. In the next section, Brown Stuff, she lists seventeen challenging scenarios. Within each of these different sections are dynamic tips and techniques that are designed to help shift the Brown Stuff, resolve difficulties, and get to the Magic.


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