Anita Moorjani : Dying to be Me

Anita Moorjani : Dying to be Me
April 12, 2014 Maryanne

“Heaven is a state, not a place.” Easy to say, hard to live unless you have had a direct experience of that. Anita Moorjani, on her deathbed, consumed by cancers, had an experience of going to another dimension and choosing to return. Her remarkable NDE (Near-Death Experience) and subsequent healing from end-stage cancer is one of the most amazing cases ever recorded. Now completely healthy, she shares the love and healing she found there! “When I was willing to let go of what I wanted, I received what was truly mine. I’ve realised the latter is always the greater gift.” Here, she tells her story and helps us remember our own magnificence.

      Anita Moorjani Dying

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