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maryanne comaroto on supporting growth with private and couples session

People come to me with all kinds of concerns and goals about their relationships, spanning relationships with themselves, others, God (The Divine), to their relationship and purpose in the world. As relational creatures this is not only an ongoing inquiry, it is a matter of survival.

As a relationship specialist I’ve been a body-oriented inquiry practitioner since 1995. I take a Depth Psychological, somatic and spiritual approach, blending the latest research and advances with ancient wisdom practices to help you navigate this terrain.

As a relationship activist, I am deeply committed to live the principles I offer and teach, and am devoted to helping others find   healing resources needed to navigate the complexity of modern human relationships. I stand for integrity and discernment in the ever expanding field of human potential. I also support individuals finding qualified practitioners; skilled experts, that are credentialed in their field. My aim it to support a healing culture that is transparent, co-operative, values proper training  and education, all of which minimizes the potential of harm doing for all concerned.

For over 20 years it has been my passion and privilege to support and help individuals, and couples, whether privately or in a group setting, deepen and/or develop the resources needed to navigate this demanding, complex territory of modern human relationship.

“Maryanne is one of the rare, few people I turn to for relationship advice & support. She doesn’t always tell me what I want to hear, and I count on that! Her heart is huge, she’s deep, wise, real, and lives what she teaches.” Eve Hogan M.A., Relationship Specialist & Author 

Whether you want in-person sessions or via Skype, occasional or ongoing support, I offer you a secure and private space where you can feel free to explore the known and unknown parts of yourself that want your attention,  or that you have been unable or too afraid to access alone.

Relationship territory we can explore includes:

DATING: Conscious dating, on-line dating, how to avoid sabotaging new love, building your tolerance for vulnerability, sharpening your discernment, gaining clarity on what you are want in a relationship, support for letting go of an existing relationship, dealing with being alone, the stigma of being single, communication skills, interviewing skills, avoiding old paradigmatic traps, refining your relationship language skills (to help you move towards or away from situations)

MATING: How to speak the truth in your relationship, how to create consciousness agreements, learning to speak each other’s language, getting on the same team (from me to we), identifying your needs and negotiating them, letting go of unhealthy partnerships, negotiating your needs in a relationship, how not to lose yourself in a relationship

SELF-LOVE/CARE: Transitioning from divorce to being alone, being a single parent dating, aging in dating & mating, being devoted to loving yourself deeply, addressing issues related to sexual objectification, self-objectification, learning how to be more authentic, working with attachment patterns,  relationship concerns for women over 40 & 50

SPIRIT/SOUL: Identifying what you are truly longing for, how you can be more embodied, understanding your deeper purpose , life transitions, death of a loved one, how to identify and deal with inner archetypal patterns

COLLECTIVE: Finding your tribe, how to resist old relationship pathways based on chemistry and hyper-sexualization, current political anxieties, how to make a difference without comprising your integrity, and more…

Working with me you can expect to identify and explore what is wanting your attention, to move towards and into healing conscious relationship with yourself and others, while cultivating essential resources that allow you to move through the world more adeptly, embodied and connected to what has deep meaning for you. You will also be invited to engage in ongoing creative projects that innervate your whole being and help you ground what becomes conscious into real life.

Taking an Depth Psychological approach, you will be seen, heard, and lovingly stretched, as we work with your unconscious, dreams, and the imaginal realm of psyche, moving you towards becoming more wholehearted, authentic and resilient!

With a somatic emphasis on healing you can expect to explore, move, and connect with your body as a means to realign with, access, and embrace its inherent wisdom.

“Thank you Maryanne for your gifts of holding space, helping us move through dark spots without judgment, and finding language so my partner and I can talk about what until now has been too painful or uncomfortable. So grateful to you and your commitment to help us all find more consciousness in our relationships.” Galen V. San Francisco

Private Session: $225 hour, $275 hour-and-a-half

Couples Session: $265 hour, $325 hour-and-a-half

To book In-person or Skype session email

Dating Support package: $2500

6 private sessions, identifying blind spots and resources, online dating selection and support, profile sculpting, developing dating strategies, and more.

Great Relationships Begin Within 12-month journey: $6500

This year-long journey is the ultimate commitment to relationship, beginning with yourself! Together we will explore the deeper issues getting in the way of attracting and creating healthy, fulfilling relationship, and stock your relationship tool-belt with the resources you will need to help get you where you are going! This tailor-made experience is an investment in your future relationship, and your future self.

*Journey is available for couples as well (pricing and availability varies)

“In Maryanne’s presence, one is immediately grounded in an intimate, loving, generous and piercingly truthful field.” — Gabrielle Roth, founder of 5Rhythms movement workshops, author of Maps to Ecstasy: Teachings of an Urban Shaman

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